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Treatment of Ear Infections-Swimmer’s Ear


With spring and summer activities starting, especially swimming, people of all ages may experience ear discomfort, fullness, and even pain.  Our ears are a complex structure made of bone, skin and cartilage that are organized into a tubular form.  Because of the anatomy, our ears become susceptible to holding and keeping fluid in them, whether it’s from an outside source (swimming) or an internal source (allergies).  Adults have an angled ear canal while children have a horizontal ear canal, making their ears even more difficult to drain.  Chiropractic adjustments are a proven and effective way of avoiding pain and suffering often present with “swimmer’s ear.”  Adjustments improve our nervous system and immune system’s ability to respond to infection.  If you experience ear discomfort or pain, ask your chiropractor about what can be done to help.

Rachel Samlall