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Can children be treated chiropractically?

Many adults have heard or know about chiropractic care in order to treat whiplash or low back pain. But what many adults don’t know is that chiropractic care can be a great benefit for children. Problems like wry-neck (torticollis), colic, constipation, and frequent “spitting-up” are commonly treated with specific adjustments to the spine. Almost 18% of children experience these symptoms, which may not always include pain. Adjustments for children are very safe and can help prevent other issues like acid-reflux, hyperactivity, scoliosis, bedwetting and sleeplessness. Minor spinal biomechanical irritations can lead to childhood disorders, which if not checked, can result in more severe conditions. Early intervention is the key especially with children to prevent progressive disorders. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for your child.

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